ProofMaster offers a complete proofing solution for offset, gravure, flexo, newsprint and packaging simulation.

Proof Master Plus

While ProofMaster Plus offers out-of-the-box standard capabilities, ProofMaster offers even more advanced functions and specific add-ons to customize the system to the users specific customers.

To avoid disagreement about colour accuracy and file integrity

ProofMaster products include a certification capability for certifying proofs to internationally acknowledged standards such as FOGRA/UGRA* (Europe) or GATF* (USA). Each proof is analyzed to ensure predictable consistent accuracy from prepress to customer to press room. The system has the capability to match 98% of the Pantone colours.

When you are dealing with specialty printing applications, you can rely on ProofMaster to handle all your specific needs. Its extensibility allows you to add the functionality just right for you.

For additional control over spot colours, substrate texture simulation and the creation of in-house ICC or Device-Link profiles, expert users should consider the Advanced Colour option.

With the 1-Bit option, Printers or Publishing houses have the possibility to proof ripped file data exactly as it would appear on the plate. This provides the ultimate quality control in the production workflow.

ProofMaster provides the colour functionality at very competitive prices and makes it easy for customers to see its capability. Call Partners Graphic Equipment and ask them how this is accomplished.