Letterpress Plates & Relief Plates

Toray Relief Printing Plates

Partners Graphic Equipment offers a complete line of Letterpress plates. The Torelief photosensitive resin relief printing plate was developed thanks to technological skills amassed by Toray in the polymer chemistry and resin fields.

The water softened and brush washed unique polymer, offers extremely wide plate making latitude for optimum reproduction. Torelief plates are available with a variety of thickness, hardness and are available with both film & metal back.

Analog plates are imaged using traditional film and CTP plates are available with a black mast or as a laser ablation plate.


Incomparable Image Reproduction – Assures consistent high quality

Good contact with negative film

Easy and Fast Plate Making – Quick exposure and quick washout properties

Environmentally Friendly – No chemicals used in processing

Superior Ink Receptivity Soft and flexible plates provide excellent ink receptivity


Toray offers Letterpress customers a full line of digital plates. Incorporating a black mask layer onto the Letterpress plate, the digital data can now be imaged directly by a CDI Imager, removing the requirement of film and chemistry and allowing a full digital workflow. When the imaging is completed, the plates are then processed in the traditional way.

The next generation of TORELIEF Photopolymer plate technology has been incorporated into the Toray family of digital letterpress plates. The perfect combination of “CTP Technology” and “TORAY Highpolymer Technology” enables TORELIEF CTP to achieve the highest quality print.


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